Contemplating a bespoke development?

Eighty-20 takes over the developer's role; or where a developer controls the preferred site, Eighty-20 monitors costs and the developer's performance.

Pritchard has accumulated years of experience in property development and possesses a unique menu of skills and knowledge.

He understands what the developer needs to maximise the development's investment value; how to win over planning authorities and perhaps most importantly how the developer will work up his development appraisal. This reveals the potential development profit.

Speculation deserves a fair return but without a tenant a development has a weaker investment value.

Where a client contemplates entering into a development agreement with a developer he should be able to quantify the benefit to the developer. Pritchard has on many occasions helped clients secure open book agreements with developers. His experience gains the respect of the developer and helps make for a harmonious development process. Indeed, his range of experience often helps the developer overcome obstacles which might otherwise delay the project.

In many cases the developer has relied on Pritchard and his team to take over the project management of infrastructure

A professionally represented occupier is perceived by the developer as being:

• Of serious intent  Likely to reach Heads of Terms
quickly (less potential wasted time)
• Understanding proposals and procedure Stronger negotiating position for occupier
• Less likely to be distracted by irrelevances Less scope for misunderstanding

                                                              = Strong negotiating platform

let Eighty-20 analyse your developer's proposal. It is sometimes beneficial to let the developer lead your project. Other times it can be beneficial to maintain total control and secure the development profit by tapping into our expertise in development.